Monday, October 12, 2009

Window Treatments

Nia wanted something a bit more adventurous; tired of the same ole uninteresting curtains and its dullness that she had grown accustomed. She preferred for her treatment to have swag, and it definitely had to hang a certain way. Her new treatment had to compliment her interior and exterior beauty as well as inject inexplicable depth to every corner of her walls.

After all, window treatments should serve a functional purpose and do far more than look good. The main goal is to bring the best out of our windows while bringing sunshine into our home. Before selecting a certain style, be sure to analyze your needs.

Determine the width, length and texture. Regarding price, I recommend that you bargain shop, because it shouldn’t cost you a thing.

Some might opt to thin, lightweights, preferably in the warmer months. And may elect to thicker types for added dimension, during winter. Whatever your preference, be certain to select the best treatment for you.

Those of you on a strict budget, may consider recycling what you have and think of innovative ways to best treat your windows.

When was the last time you had a window treatment?

Signing off for now, not forever...

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