Saturday, October 10, 2009

To Role Play or Not to Role Play

Let's face it, not all of us have been blessed with phenomenal acting skills. But do we really need them in the bedroom? And besides, you know some of us have even been labeled with being overly dramatic at times; "Drama Queens". So, we've got more experience than we think.

Whether, you've been together for five years, twenty years or hell, just met at the corner store (I'm not judging :-) The point is to keep it spicy, saucy, sweet, succulent, or whatever you wish to call it.

Envision the following scene:

Tre has just retired for the evening, after working a double shift. His wife, Nyla slips into something a bit more comfortable while her alter ego, Nia enters the room. She greets him with his favorite dessert, apple pie and welcomes him to the neighborhood.

"Wife, working late?", Nia asks. "Uh, yes, she works late on Thursdays". The two exchange pleasantries and exits to the kitchen where he feasts hungrily, on her. Both, watch the clock nervously. Tre delves into her dessert and Nia sucuumbs to his delight. The keys turn in the door and Nia collects her things and escapes to the pantry. She reappears smiling and follows him upstairs to their bedroom.

The above scenario is one of several that works, trust me. Incorporate conversation into the scene, to make it more realistic. Try building the scene from work, over the phone. Whisper, your intentions for the evening. And if you're really daring, when you're out shopping together, introduce yourself as someone else, set up a date and follow through. I'm telling you, it'll drive him crazy.

What's your take on role playing? Do you think you can muster up the courage (without laughing) and create a memorable scene? One that gives y'all chills and has him calling you during the middle of the day to say just how much he enjoyed it.

I challenge you to try it. Don't blush. It'll simply enhance what you already have going on.

Signing off for now, not forever...


  1. I have definitely done the role play thing and I know that I thoroughly enjoyed it as much as he did. I like to use a wig to make it more realistic and go to different places to "meet".

    BTW: Good job Ericka. I always enjoy your writing and can't wait to get more from Mrs Ego.


  2. You could publish short stories Ericka. Love the scenario : ) Haven't role played in awhile. Great idea, apple pie. All american wife dressed up with an apron LOL. I'd really be laughing all the way.

  3. Thank you for all the support. I'll dust my pen off and start writing guys keep me inspired.