Friday, October 9, 2009



I'm Mrs. Ego (my initials) & special shout-out to Beyonce for the name inspiration.

Welcome to my blog, Newlywed Ego, where we push any inflated mindsets to the side and discuss everything relating to relationships, from communication to sex. As a recent bride, of almost two months, I am very interested in your views, not only on marriage, but on a number of realistic issues.

The idea of starting my blog stemmed from my godsister, who often encouraged me to put my creative juices to use. I listened, and this time, took action.

S0, who exactly is Mrs.Ego? I am a wife, mother, step-mother, daughter, sister, among other roles and as of today, new blogger. I hail from the very street where hip-hop originated and from where the first Hispanic Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor was raised, yes, the Boogie Down Bronx. But for almost a decade, Maryland has been my home. I celebrated my 34th birthday on the 8th and can honestly say that I anticipate the forthcoming year as a married woman! Since procrastination has pretty much ruled my life until I posted this entry, I feel like blogging is a major accomplishment. But enough about me.

I challenge you to place your egos aside, ponder your thoughts and prepare yourself for the next Newlywed Ego entry where you may find yourself venting, laughing, screaming or crying. You'll never know what to find out, stay tuned!

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  1. Hey Mrs. Ego: Welcome to the Blog-esphere! As of tomorrow, I will celebrate my 6th Anniversary and I welcome the conversation you may encounter here. Love is important in this thing we call "Life" With this Love, we learn to be the person God intended for us to be. "We" are beings motivated by Love and on this ever moving rollercoaster with our significant other we continue to search within ourselves to find answers. Or, what we think are answers. I myself "Love" being in this covenant with my Man! I vow each day to live my life with the purpose of Love for him and others that I encounter. It is a purpose because it is what helps me maintain my own sanity. Breath, Love and Life are what sustains us and allow us to live within this covenant of Love with our partner. (Accept them unconditionally, where they are and not where "we" intend them to be and treat them with kindness and all will be reciprocated).

    Peace and Love "CoCo"