Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Communicable Disease

“Paging Dr. Phil. We have an emergency. One male. One female. Both suffering from a lack of communication.”

She says his symptoms include the inability to articulate his thoughts and as of late, experiencing a lack of understanding. He says that she seldom listens and seems hard of hearing. All I know is that both arrived fussing and then immediately shut down.

“We might need to operate concurrently…go ahead and get ‘em prepped.”

“Good Evening. Both of you have been diagnosed with a communicable disease. If not treated, you will both experience a tremendous amount of pain. However, this disease is treatable. I will perform an outpatient procedure on the two of you. This surgery will remove the barriers, only temporarily and have the potential to return. In order to completely rid this illness, follow up with your prescriptions of understanding, patience and listening.”

Communication is key in each of our respective relationships. Many arguments arise of not being able to communicate effectively. We are often quick to yell and scream, but less hurried to listen. Let us find better ways to correspond with one another, in our gestures as well. The joys of communicating can bring less stress.

Prescriptions can be filled at a local pharmacy nearest you!

Signing off for now, not forever…


  1. Dad’s never here only Mom, well not all the time. Every time I ask Mom a question she yells at me. “I don’t know, what the hell you ask me for”, she says. I didn’t do anything to her, she make me sick, I hope she die. Uh oh, she heard me here she comes and “pow” right in the face. Then, I roll my eyes or stomp away because I’m angry and “pow” hit again. The phone rings, its Daddy; she’s yelling screaming and cursing him out. Now I really won’t see him. Oh, it’s Saturday and I get to see Dad. Dad walks up to the door, Mom calls him a “bitch ass nigger” and walks inside. He walks behind her and the next thing I know they are fighting, screaming, yelling and everything else………

    This is the communication we are used to. It’s a learned art and most people aren’t accustomed to practicing this art because they lacked proper teaching. If either partner has a lack of communication skills, the relationship has a great risk of failing. Failure is not an option.

    Most people fear communication because it causes them to take down the walls built up over a lifetime; with communication, one has the radical ability to change all areas of their life. Consciousness of Life is all that is needed. Listen twice as much as you talk, small acts of kindness and compliments will help a great deal. Try it and you will be surprise at your results.

    "And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity. The tongue is so set among our members that it defiles the whole body, and sets on fire the course of nature...


  2. Soo true..thanks for expounding. Unfortunately for many, it's much harder to unlearn a behavior.