Friday, October 23, 2009

An Unkind Friend

Don’t you hate when an unexpected guest arrives, showing up days earlier than you’ve anticipated.

Years ago, this one guest, whom I call my friend, visited twice monthly for three months straight. The nerve of her, showing up without ample notice, and then show up with an attitude. The reoccurring pain in the ass would visit four days at a time, never bearing gifts but always managed to bring along a bunch of headaches. At the mere sight of her, I'd catch an instant attitude and dare for somebody to come close to me.

She had been visiting since I was twelve years old, and I certainly thought I’d be used to her by now. Mom schooled me long ago about how to treat my friend whenever she came to town. Hmmph…what about the way she treats me? She completely wears me out, and has even sent me to the emergency room, a time or two. And I had the audacity to call her my friend.

And to this day, that feisty little visitor has an uncanny fascination of sorts. Let’s see, she idolizes Little Red Riding Hood so much that she wears nothing but the color red, and only on rare occasion, you’ll spot her in brown. And when she visits, she forces me to indulge in her favorite snacks; anything doused in salt and covered in chocolate. She’s sure to yell and scream if her demands aren’t met. Talk about being picky…

Sometimes I wonder about how I’ll feel when she stops visiting altogether. Would I miss her? It’s crazy because when my friend leaves, I actually anticipate her next visit. And when she takes too long to reappear, I start hyperventilating. “Dear Lord, where is she, please, please make her come back”.

How do you feel about your unexpected guest? For some, she is a blessing and others might not care whether she visits or not. As for me, I embrace the time we spend together, and she can drop by whenever she likes.

Does your friend still visit? Or has she decided not to pay you any more visits?

Signing off for now, not forever…

Monday, October 19, 2009

Eye Jammy

This time, she caught a glimpse of his wandering eyes.  She denied his consolable touch.  He knew he was caught. The air became frigid between them. She took concentrated breaths and as envy poured a sour green, creases formed across her temple.

Did he have to turn his head a complete 180 degrees?

Her lips formulated words she fought long to say.  And though his actions, to some, seemed completely inoffensive, her feelings were hurt.

We are human beings and while realistically, our mates are not the last people on earth we'll find attractive, we should always show them R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  Taking a casual turn-and-look-away kinda glance, is one thing, but ogling and gawking is something completely different.

Just try swapping shoes and see if you like the fit!

Signing off for now, not forever...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Communicable Disease

“Paging Dr. Phil. We have an emergency. One male. One female. Both suffering from a lack of communication.”

She says his symptoms include the inability to articulate his thoughts and as of late, experiencing a lack of understanding. He says that she seldom listens and seems hard of hearing. All I know is that both arrived fussing and then immediately shut down.

“We might need to operate concurrently…go ahead and get ‘em prepped.”

“Good Evening. Both of you have been diagnosed with a communicable disease. If not treated, you will both experience a tremendous amount of pain. However, this disease is treatable. I will perform an outpatient procedure on the two of you. This surgery will remove the barriers, only temporarily and have the potential to return. In order to completely rid this illness, follow up with your prescriptions of understanding, patience and listening.”

Communication is key in each of our respective relationships. Many arguments arise of not being able to communicate effectively. We are often quick to yell and scream, but less hurried to listen. Let us find better ways to correspond with one another, in our gestures as well. The joys of communicating can bring less stress.

Prescriptions can be filled at a local pharmacy nearest you!

Signing off for now, not forever…

This Thing Called Life

Sometimes life brings about twists, sudden turns and things
At times, it makes you wanna laugh, cry, dance or sing

But when you're feeling sad
Hold fast and say
"No one can take my joy away"

When this thing called Life
Attempts to break you down
Get back up
And stand your ground

If nothing else, you will prevail
Just dust yourself off
And in time, you'll heal.

This thing called Life
It gets better, it's true
It did for me, it can for you.

Stay inspired, remain encouraged
And be blessed
Put it in God's hands
He'll handle the rest.

Signing off for now, not forever...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Window Treatments

Nia wanted something a bit more adventurous; tired of the same ole uninteresting curtains and its dullness that she had grown accustomed. She preferred for her treatment to have swag, and it definitely had to hang a certain way. Her new treatment had to compliment her interior and exterior beauty as well as inject inexplicable depth to every corner of her walls.

After all, window treatments should serve a functional purpose and do far more than look good. The main goal is to bring the best out of our windows while bringing sunshine into our home. Before selecting a certain style, be sure to analyze your needs.

Determine the width, length and texture. Regarding price, I recommend that you bargain shop, because it shouldn’t cost you a thing.

Some might opt to thin, lightweights, preferably in the warmer months. And may elect to thicker types for added dimension, during winter. Whatever your preference, be certain to select the best treatment for you.

Those of you on a strict budget, may consider recycling what you have and think of innovative ways to best treat your windows.

When was the last time you had a window treatment?

Signing off for now, not forever...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

To Role Play or Not to Role Play

Let's face it, not all of us have been blessed with phenomenal acting skills. But do we really need them in the bedroom? And besides, you know some of us have even been labeled with being overly dramatic at times; "Drama Queens". So, we've got more experience than we think.

Whether, you've been together for five years, twenty years or hell, just met at the corner store (I'm not judging :-) The point is to keep it spicy, saucy, sweet, succulent, or whatever you wish to call it.

Envision the following scene:

Tre has just retired for the evening, after working a double shift. His wife, Nyla slips into something a bit more comfortable while her alter ego, Nia enters the room. She greets him with his favorite dessert, apple pie and welcomes him to the neighborhood.

"Wife, working late?", Nia asks. "Uh, yes, she works late on Thursdays". The two exchange pleasantries and exits to the kitchen where he feasts hungrily, on her. Both, watch the clock nervously. Tre delves into her dessert and Nia sucuumbs to his delight. The keys turn in the door and Nia collects her things and escapes to the pantry. She reappears smiling and follows him upstairs to their bedroom.

The above scenario is one of several that works, trust me. Incorporate conversation into the scene, to make it more realistic. Try building the scene from work, over the phone. Whisper, your intentions for the evening. And if you're really daring, when you're out shopping together, introduce yourself as someone else, set up a date and follow through. I'm telling you, it'll drive him crazy.

What's your take on role playing? Do you think you can muster up the courage (without laughing) and create a memorable scene? One that gives y'all chills and has him calling you during the middle of the day to say just how much he enjoyed it.

I challenge you to try it. Don't blush. It'll simply enhance what you already have going on.

Signing off for now, not forever...

Friday, October 9, 2009



I'm Mrs. Ego (my initials) & special shout-out to Beyonce for the name inspiration.

Welcome to my blog, Newlywed Ego, where we push any inflated mindsets to the side and discuss everything relating to relationships, from communication to sex. As a recent bride, of almost two months, I am very interested in your views, not only on marriage, but on a number of realistic issues.

The idea of starting my blog stemmed from my godsister, who often encouraged me to put my creative juices to use. I listened, and this time, took action.

S0, who exactly is Mrs.Ego? I am a wife, mother, step-mother, daughter, sister, among other roles and as of today, new blogger. I hail from the very street where hip-hop originated and from where the first Hispanic Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor was raised, yes, the Boogie Down Bronx. But for almost a decade, Maryland has been my home. I celebrated my 34th birthday on the 8th and can honestly say that I anticipate the forthcoming year as a married woman! Since procrastination has pretty much ruled my life until I posted this entry, I feel like blogging is a major accomplishment. But enough about me.

I challenge you to place your egos aside, ponder your thoughts and prepare yourself for the next Newlywed Ego entry where you may find yourself venting, laughing, screaming or crying. You'll never know what to find out, stay tuned!